Be a Money Magnet

Step Into Your Power and Get Funded

July 24 & 25, 2019

Preservation Park—Oakland, CA 

A retreat for mission-driven business owners

who identify as female

This retreat is for you IF...

You know you have a game changing business that has the potential to make a BIG difference in the world. But how do you go about getting that influx of cash you need?

As a CEO, you know your job is to capitalize your company, but the funding strategies and sources you’ve encountered up until now don’t feel aligned with what you value most.

It's hard to get excited about all those angel groups, pitch competitions, accelerator programs, and investment funds that you hear about as potential funding sources.

Deep down, you know there must be a better way to raise funding—one that feels aligned with your values.

Guess What? You’re Right!

As a heart-centered woman entrepreneur, the advice you’re hearing about how to raise money is probably wrong for you.

There is a way to raise money that allows you to grow your business on your terms and stay true to what made you start your business in the first place.

Your fundraising strategy CAN be an expression of what makes you and your company unique.

You CAN be part of a tribe of other women who are also breaking the mold and raising investment capital on their terms.

What To Expect

For the first time ever, we are excited to open up the Jenny Kassan Consulting Retreat beyond our current clients to any mission-driven business owners who identify as female.

At this intimate retreat in beautiful downtown Oakland, we will roll up our sleeves and dig in to do the work of designing and beginning to implement your ideal capital raising strategy.

In preparation

To help you prepare for the retreat, we are offering a 5-week virtual course in which Jenny will guide you through the steps in her book, Raise Capital on Your Own Terms

This course will allow you to come to the retreat with a draft capital raising plan in place, so you can dive right in to addressing your biggest questions and challenges with our expert support.

At the retreat

We will refine your plan, answer questions, and work on the beginning steps of implementation.

We will also tackle some of the fears and doubts that might get in your way when raising investment capital for your business.

You will be in the company of supportive women and have permission to get vulnerable.

Post retreat

You will have a one-on-one follow-up phone call with Jenny.

You will be invited to join our WeCapital Community—a mastermind group for women entrepreneurs and a place to meet investors and entrepreneurial leaders who want to support women-owned businesses.  

Click here for details on the WeCapital Community.

The Result

The combination of the five-week pre-course, the retreat, and membership in the WeCapital Community will set you up to be a powerful leader with the ability to resource your business in a big way.  

You will be armed with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to take the reins and grow your business on your terms.

Special Guest

Terri Hanson Mead

Terri Hanson Mead is the Managing Partner of Class Bravo Ventures and President of Solutions2Projects, LLC, a consulting company that provides IT strategy and IT compliance services in the life sciences space.  She is an active angel investor, a Springboard advisor, a podcaster (Piloting Your Life), a writer, and regularly advises early stage startups across all sectors.

The Details

Location: Preservation Park, Ginn Hall-Large, 660 13th Street, Oakland, CA 94612

July 24 from 6pm - 9pm: The retreat begins with dinner at a local restaurant and an evening session.

July 25 from 9am - 5pm: We will dig in to coaching, exercises, and creating your plan.

5pm - 7pm: Dinner on your own

7pm - 9pm: We will reconvene for a reception where investors will be invited to join us to create opportunities for connections between retreat attendees and a diverse group of investors.

Your Registration Includes...

> 5-week online course begining the week of June 10 (includes live Zoom classes)

> Copy of Raise Capital on Your Own Terms

> Retreat attendance

> Dinner on July 24 and Investor Reception on July 25

> Membership in the WeCapital Community

The Investment


Space is limited and we expect the retreat to fill quickly.

Please note: All sales are final.



Bonus #1

Free hard or digital copy of Jenny’s book

Bonus #2

Post-retreat call with Jenny

to get clarity on your strategy moving forward

About Jenny Kassan

I’ve been working with mission-driven entrepreneurs to raise investment funding using creative customized strategies for almost thirteen years. My clients have been in industries ranging from tech to food to manufacturing to professional services. Some clients are in the beginning stages of launching their companies and some have been in business for many years before deciding to raise money.  My clients have raised a few hundred thousand dollars to several millions of dollars without being forced to sacrifice control or their vision of their business. Please visit Jenny Kassan Consulting to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers!

Where can I stay if I'm from out of town?

There are many hotels in Downtown Oakland, as well as Airbnb listings. You can also stay near any BART station and take public transit to the event. These are a few lodging options in downtown Oakland: 

•   Courtyard Marriott Oakland Downtown

•   Oakland Marriott City Center

•   Clarion Hotel Downtown Oakland City Center

•   Washington Inn 

What if I’m not sure I’m ready to raise investment funding for my business?

The combination of the five-week course and the retreat will give you the information you need to determine whether raising funds is right for you and whether you are ready to do it.  You will learn about diverse fundraising strategies that you can turn to whenever you’re ready.

Will I meet potential investors?

On the second night, we will be hosting a reception for investors.  We have no way of knowing who will come, but it is certainly possible you will meet someone who may become an investor in your company.  The reception is not a place to “pitch” investors, but a place to get to know new people and potentially follow up with them later to explore whether there is a match of values and interests that could ultimately lead to an investment.

Will meals be provided?

Dinner is provided on the first night and there will be drinks and bites at the reception on the second night.  Other meals are on your own. The retreat is located near numerous cafes, restaurants, and fast food establishments.

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